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Tena's Story

She broke free from the victim mentality and shifted into a joyful, peaceful, magical reality! If she could do it, so can you!!!
Tena Cacic, Ph.D., a writer, speaker, scientist and teacher in love with vibrational communication, has a remarkable story.

Before the intensive journey into the deepest corners of darkness, Tena mainly lived happily and in love with life.

However, challenges started when she met her husband. That relationship showed her the mother’s pain of losing a three-day-old baby. It taught her the rage of a wife whose husband gambles and the heartbreak of a woman whose beloved man almost dies mentally ill.

In just seven years, among other things, Tena journeyed to a hell of helplessness, fighting to save her disabled daughter.

The essential sentence dad told a five-year-old girl in Lybia when she imagined a balloon, which magically appeared, led her from the ninth circle of hell to a blessed life in heaven on earth. She proved what her father said was true: “You only have to wish; it comes true.”
A PhD in communication blended with innate intuition helped Tena find solutions for extremely intensive emotional intensities. She explored and tested numerous personal development techniques, protocols, and modalities to find the three most effective. Furthermore, Tena explored many scientific theoretical approaches to clarify inner and outer worlds. She (re)discovered and learned that humanity is in transition from victim/scarcity/separation/materialistic to sovereign/abundance/unity/integral-vibrational paradigm.
Today Tena, who lives with her husband (same one) and two children in Croatia, continues to research vibrational communication and explore business and education in the integral-vibrational paradigm. In addition, she creates educational and vibrational clearing programs in English and Croatian language followed by presentations and workshops at international conferences.
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Clients Results
“I have no triggers in relations with my mother and colleagues anymore. I Was Shocked At How Quick & Easy The Changes Happened”. ~ Iva, Croatia
“The issue we worked on started off as a 10 and by the end of our session I was down to a ONE!” ~ N.K., USA
“My Discomfort With Associates And Superiors At Work Is Completely Gone… I’m Finally Comfortable At Work!” ~ Vanda, Croatia
“Tena's Work Is Extremely Powerful. I Felt The Shifts Immediately, She Healed My Relationship With My Inner Child!” ~ Eileen O, USA
“Anger outbursts toward my son are completely gone!” ~ Mirela, Bulgaria
“I cleared all the energy of betrayals that were in my family lineage. Tena’s Clearings Are So Powerful and SPOT ON!!!” ~ M.E

Tena Offers

Group Learning & Clearing Programs 

Are you Trapped in the Drama - Victim Game?

As a child, did you ever hear your parents say "don't speak", "go to your room", "kids are to be seen, not heard"?

Were you bombarded with messages like "don't trust other people", "don't express your feelings, just be good"?

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells?

Do you feel bored and irrelevant when things are mellow and calm?

You can't enjoy times of peace and tranquillity because you have a knot in your stomach from anticipating the worst?

Do you feel like you never know what is going to happen next?

Have you ever found yourself grabbing a handful of cookies, a bottle of wine or doing something compulsive when you felt upset, sad or scared?

If your answer is yes, then subconscious patterns of a victim mentality run your reality. 

Magical Relationship Secrets, Healthy Boundaries & Shine Your Light trilogy will gently help you learn all you need to know about the drama game. It will help you to break free from the victim mentality and turn your dreams into reality.

The Magical Relationship Secrets pre-recorded 4 module program takes you on a journey deep into your subconscious mind – where you’ll uncover hidden roles in Drama Game silently sabotaging your harmony and success in your personal and professional relationships.
Then, by connecting with your Higher Self and tapping into your personal energetic frequency, Tena will give you a hand to permanently erase these blocks and teach you how to do it by yourself with the power of your compassionate heart – leaving you vibrationally aligned with the life full of magical relationships you deserve.

Are you ready to learn what a drama/victim game is & how It shapes your life? (COMING SOON)

The Healthy Boundaries pre-recorded 4 module program helps you to integrate your shadows and become incredibly clear and firm with your BOUNDARIES.  It teaches you about wounds that cost you peace and shows you the exact reason why you sabotage yourself. It helps you discover what drives your compulsive behaviours and helps you to CLEAR them. 

After this program, you'll become aware of feelings you use addictions to numb and subconscious programming of controlling and being controlled by GUILT, SHAME & BLAME. It will help you to empower yourself to say NO easily without feeling guilty. 

The Shine Your Light pre-recorded 4 module program will help you reset the victim behaviour matrix, activate the divine seed of your full potential and create your light's BIG VISION. It will teach you to recognise victim behaviours and inspire you to anchor a new paradigm, 5D behaviours that originate from your divine human blueprint: self-support; empowering by trusting; authority through inner wisdom; responsibility for your light.

In addition, it will help you to create a personal vision, repeatable daily productivity ritual, life plan, and align daily priorities with your long-term goals. 

Each group call, whether free, part of the program or stand-alone monthly support is 75 min long and it consists of three parts: short educational part, group energy clearing and mini 1-1 trigger release sessions. Clearings are equally effective if you listen it live or later on the recording.

Group clearings are powerful because of an effect called “Borrowed Benefits” – if someone in the group is clearing something that is similar to your situation, your inner guidance (Higher Self, Divine Healer) also clears whatever that issue is for you. 


 Magical Relationship with Money: 4 module - 16 sessions program

Does It Ever Feel like Some 'Invisible' Patterns Ruin Your Relationship With Money?

Do you sometimes save up a certain amount and then spend (blow) it all at once?

Does spending cash brighten up your mood?

Do you know someone who values more business success than spending time with friends or family?

What about someone who gets on with life as though money is not an important factor?

Or, someone whose favourite hobby & special talent is saving money?

Do you believe saving money is the best way to guarantee a sense of security in life?

Do you know someone who views enjoying the luxuries of life as a mortal enemy?

If your want to get to know in-depth your relationship with money, so you can turn it into supportive, loving & magical, you are at the right place at the right time! 
Magical Relationship with Money program will reveal to you 8 Money Types that run your relationship with money. It will help you remove patterns&clutters of 8 money types trapped in your body and energy field. Also, it will teach you about the 3 truths of sufficiency. In addition, it will help you identify inherited patterns that violate the 3 truths of sufficiency — and break free from them. And, help you to remove imprinted energies that sabotage your success, so you can attract opportunities that will lead you to greater confidence, success, and abundance!
1. Win the Money Game
2. Scarcity Myth #1
3. Scarcity Myth #2
4. Scarcity Myth #3
1. Stockpiler & Spendthrift
The Compulsive Moneymaker & the Indifferent-to-Money Type
The Hippie & The Saver-Splurger
The Gambler & The Worrier

1The First Truth of Sufficiency- The Money Flows

2. The Second Truth of Sufficiency: Money Carries Intention

 The Third Truth of Sufficiency: Power of Appretiation

From Scarcity to Sufficiency


1Money & The Soul Energy

2. From Accumulation to Allocation

Creating the Legacy of Enough

4. Money in Your New Life



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